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Safe Glass CNY

Providing safety & security window solutions to Central New York


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LLumar Safety and Security Film

Our most affordable solution. Holds broken glass in place to deter unwarned entry and protect people and property from flying debris.

Note: This solution is not bullet proof/bullet resistant

Teller WIndow

Teller/Exchange Windows

Contact us about adding a Bullet Resistant Teller/Exchange window to protect you and your employees when dealing with money and important documents 


Riot Glass's complete line of window products

We offer Riot Glass's complete line of solutions including bullet resistant Armorplast glazings and retrofit solutions for windows

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Safe Glass CNY is here to help protect the people and products that call Central New York home. It has become all too common to hear about shootings or break-ins in today's day and age, we know our products alone won't be able to stop those from occurring, but our offerings will help to deter and protect you, your property and employees.

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